SIDE SPLIT Variety Show (2018- present)

SIDE SPLIT, curated and hosted by Anna Azizzy, features short (0-10 min) acts from people performing something they have never performed before! Especially featuring comedy, performance art, and experimental music.

SIDE SPLIT #3: Hosted by Anna Azizzy; Featuring Anna Bender, Birdie & Gene, Bramblezzz, Charlie, Cleanup Hitter, Kelsey Goehring, and Paul Peng. Set design by Harriet Smith. Photos by Arvid Tomayko and Anna Azizzy!

SIDE SPLIT #2: Hosted by Anna Azizzy and Brianne McKain; Featuring Bruiser Beep, Djor, Fable, Gene Thompson, Harriet Smith, Jayla Patton, Katherine Manning, and Shannon Thompson. Photos by Arvid Tomayko! (don’t have pics of all the performers :-[ )

SIDE SPLIT #1: Hosted by Anna Azizzy and Summer Jade Leavitt; Featuring NosawwasoN, Asia Bey, Jayla Patton, Brianne McKain, Mag Dav, Princess Jafar, Tamara Amin, and Vania Evangelique. Photos by Arvid Tomayko!

WelcomBak Studios (2017)

WelcomBak was an art gallery and venue giving space and love to underrepresented voices in the arts in Pittsburgh (women, queer people, insider artists, outsider artists) through DIY fun. Run by Anna Azizzy and Becs Epstein!

Instrument Building Workshop hosted by Anna Azizzy

Bruiser Beep!

Roberta Guido

Station P Event Series (2015 - 2017)